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Our Story  

"Everyone has a story, where we have come from, who we are and how we got to be the people we are today. Here at Happy 4 PR we are the same as you. We have a beginning. The place we started from.... The first time I had my first idea and what followed was so amazing and magical that I am here writing this 15 years afterwards. I have loved the creative journey and I have evolved and grown my company organically, evolving and learning so many skills along the way. Life certainly has taken us on many adventures from launching and re-launching famous hotels and brands, to working with high profiled clients and nurturing artists, creatives in their business. We have many stories and vast experience to share with you. 

I always want my clients to feel at home in their business, aligned and confident. It isn't an over night feeling and when you are literally learning on the job, discovering yourself and how you want your business to be and to grow, support and guidance is crucial. We are a creative family here at Happy 4 pr and our team is carefully selected for each client, to provide the perfect combination."

                                                                                       Fiona Pattison  - Director /Founder 

Welcome to our Happy Creative Space,  we look forward to meeting and working with you. Take a look at our Services to see how we can assist you further. Book in a 2 hour Creative Mentoring Session with Director, Fiona Pattison to start your journey with us  here 

Happy Centre - Life can sometimes become overwhelming and we need a break, a fresh look a things. Here at Happy centre we work holistically, and your Wellbeing and Mental Health comes first. Our Director is a trained Reiki and Metatron Practitioner and has completed the Mental Health First Aid certificate. Creating a healthy environment for people to grow and learn is Happy 4 PR first priority. To book any of any services go here 

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Fiona Pattison 

Winter Photos

Creative Team 

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