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Creative Mentoring 

The day I started providing the service,  Creative Mentoring was the best day of my working life. I had been mentoring people all my life, even at Primary School,  I would go up and down the school field, listening and trying to help as best as I could at 7 years old. I have always cared about people's Mental Health and Wellbeing, this comes naturally to me. The business side I have learnt, applied and tested. I only pass on what I know and I work holistically with you to create a business you want and need. 

How does it work? Firstly you book in a session or sessions. Once booked in, I will send you over questions and you will email your answers back to me.  The session lasts for two hours and I work through what you need and by the end of the session you will have homework and a plan of action. I am very thorough, and I provide a safe space to be in, so we can really let go of the things you do not need to hold on to anymore and move forwards with a new perspective. 

Book in One Session here 

Or Book 6 sessions in advance and get the first one free. Book now 


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