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Buddha Statue

A place to rest, restore, reflect
and recalibrate. 

Here at my Healing Centre, it is a time to relax and allow your energy to stop and let go. We understand that running a business and a life together can be so rewarding and difficult at the same time. There are many stresses and lots of things to manage, and it can be overwhelming. I know that anything is possible to create the life and business that you want & need. It is important to fulfill your desire and vision for now and your future.  


I have always chosen the holistic path in my life and it speaks to me in an authentic way and the same in Business.


It is time to create the life you want and the way you want it, small steps lead to powerful changes. Once you start the work,  you will feel the change instantly and learn how to use your energy and skills to serve you in your life. It is a beautiful journey and one that will bring you great joy and happiness. Want to know how to begin? Book in a Creative Mentoring Session,

Spiritual Consultation or an Angelic Reiki  to begin your journey.

Fiona Pattison 


Creative Mentoring 


Welcome to our beautiful Happy Centre.


Creative Mentoring is an amazing process and I have achieved many results that has unblocked people's creativity, earning potential and my clients leave happier on the inside out and outside in. It is great for your business and self development.  

Please take a look at our Testimonials. 

To Book a session ( 1-1 and online) - Email Fiona Pattison on 

Spiritual Consultant 


In life we can get stuck and feel lost sometimes, and that is okay. Life is chaotic and we need support and help in these times. A spiritual consultant looks at all of these things in your life and sets a plan for you. Personal Development and growth is so important and it is good to have support and a little divine guidance along the way. 

To Book a session( 1-1 and online)  - Email Fiona - 

Angelic Reiki 


Angelic Reiki is a relaxing and calming treatment with the Angels. It is so gentle and transformational, as you become open to the healing and release what is no longer serving you. It is time to give back to yourself, to relax and feel supported and nurtured. 

To Book a Angelic Reiki Session  - Email 

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