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Birds and Beasts - Kozmik Disko is an album made for a 2021 audience.

Best Album of 2021 so far. Birds and Beast's newly pressed album Kozmik Disko is full of adventure, filled with stories of survival, love, loss and having one another’s backs, in a Lance-tailed manakin kind of way, with their track Dancemaster.

It's home produced and mastered at Abbey Road Studios and it’s a joy to have on. Normally in an album there a few tracks that I am not so bothered about, but this album I love every song. After watching their live online gig of their Album Kozmik Disko, their electronic set is off the charts, and I can see them lighting up the stages of many festivals and venues in 2021/ 2022, when all good events return fully.

What I think Birds and Beasts have mastered is the fusion of music with an element of story and fun on stage. In these times we need to be up and dancing to their amazing song Dancemaster and being thoughtful about the poor hedgehog; who wakes up early from hibernation to find out his home has become a building site on the lovely, Silver Moon Array. To getting involved in the passionate lyrics and theatre of Wolfpack. This album has it all and I cannot wait to see Birds and Beasts live again.

It has all the ingredients of an animal lead musical soap opera about life in 2021. I have the cd in my car and the record at home. This is gonna be my 2021 soundtrack.

Go and get yours here go and give this band a follow on Facebook

Available on all the musical platforms too. 🕺🏼⚡️

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