Water & Light with Artist Kate Lycett.

Artist, Kate Lycett ventured north in 1995 to study fine art were she specialised in textile design. Her textile background is always present in her paintings; the way she interprets the landscape into pattern. The gold leaf and the threads, draw your eye across the painting, as they change with the light of day. Kate’s paintings are full of life and warmth.

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‘The Water shaped this valley both in the way it carved the landscape, and industry it brought.

I walk and run between the river and the canal and am often struck by the contrast of the power of one, and the stillness of the other. The water mirrors the changing colours; the colours change with the light.

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There is nowhere quite like Yorkshire for that fast changing light that leaves you in the gloom one moment and in luminous, saturated colour the next.

In the vastness of the landscape you can see the patches of light heading towards you across the hills, or the shadows coming ready to drain everywhere of colour.


I couldn’t live anywhere where the sun shone all the time. The brilliance of those technicolour moments takes my breath away.

Kate’s next exhibition is happening on March 26th 6pm-9pm at Heart Gallery, Hebden Bridge.


Preview of ‘Water & Light’ at Heart Gallery with local artist Kate Lycett. Purchase original paintings and limited edition prints and meet the artist.

Thursday 30th April 11am – 4pm

Pop up Studio

A rare opportunity to see Kate at work.




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