You have to be ready to transform…it’s part of the process. You know it has to happen and then the fear starts…..What will I be next? What if it isn’t as good as I once was?

When you transform, it will be everything that you ever was and everything that you are now! Because it consists of everything you and your company have built up. Creating the right visuals and marketing, to match your companies ethos and the way you want to move forward, as an individual. Make a stand in what you want to say and Stand Out from your competitors.

Transformation happens when you are ready! so make sure your marketing and visual merchandise match your message and be proud of what you’ve become and what your company represents.


Fiona Pattison of Happy4Pr is like a great breath of fresh air, she listened to what I wanted and took time to get to know me and my brand.  What’s so lovely to see is that she gets just as excited and enthused about about it all (as you do) and she really does care. It’s so refreshing to work with someone one who is positive, upbeat, passionate and most all professional. Fiona really helped me to grow my brand and reach my potential. I highly recommend investing in PR and the services that Happy4pr provides. It will get you results!

Rachael Taylor 

Surface Pattern Designer & Founder of Rachael Taylor & MOYO Magazine

I loved having Happy 4P R represent my business. Fiona has been an inspiration to me and injected my whole business practice with energy, passion and clarity all along the way. As well as getting me lots of press in some great national magazines and newspapers, she was always searching out new and exciting marketing ideas to show the world what I do! I was happy in the knowledge there was always a Happy face out there pushing my business forward! I would highly recommend Fiona and Happy4PR

Director Hannah Nunn (for Businesses Hannah Nunn and Radiance)

Happy 4 pr customised service has allowed me to realise my ideas for my business. From website design and photography, through to press and launch party. The focused and expert advice Happy 4 pr and Fiona has provided me to maximise opportunities at every stage and enjoy the process at the same time. I highly recommend Happy 4 pr.

Director Dipika Parmar – Elysian Lifestyle

Having Fiona represent our brand is wonderful. Happy 4 pr is so much more than a PR company. Happy 4 pr has played a major part in putting Looking Glass on the fashion map! Fiona is passionate about everything she does, dedicating 110% to every project she undertakes never giving up! Other than being creatively inspiring, Happy 4 pr has amazing networking skills and can spot an opportunity to push our brand a mile off!
Fiona is dedicated and fun to work with, on the ball and one step ahead of the Market.

Emilie Barson from Looking Glass

Happy 4 pr was a huge inspiration and support in the launch of Frock. They have an excellent PR network and understanding of the industry and gained us some fantastic press coverage very early on. I valued her enthusiasm and wealth of ideas for exciting new marketing opportunities for the brand and the website.
Rachel Perrett (director of frockonline)

“I am not here to fit in, I am here to stand out”


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