Podcast Interview with author, John Siddique on ‘Living your authentic life’ in today’s world.

Authentic Living in John’s words…
The question of how we can live our lives authentically is one I have reflected on, investigated, and endeavoured to make headway with all my conscious life. It seems to me that much of how and what we live is utter madness, taking us away from our true value and beingness as humans. I have always believed in life and love over reactivity and pain, but until recently tried to live good ways that were an add on to who I was, rather than an expression of my true life.

Recently however I have experienced what can only be called an awakening into life, and I know that my literary/creative life, and this expression of being are directly intertwined. I want to use the energy and life I have to live my life to the full, and a large part of that is wanting to encourage others to find their own way to their truest selves.John Siddique

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