Lupe Castro is a woman on a very important mission…it requires a Motorbike and eye for Fashion.

Lupe Castro is one of London’s most loved fashion stylists. I have known Lupe for many years now and her enthusiasm and drive is inspirational. Find out more about  Ms. Castro on a Motorbike  here….  

What is your background?
Art, Travel, Fashion

Who is inspiring you at the moment?
Elena Ivanovna Diakonova – Dali’s wife.

You travel around the world on a motorbike, when did you decide this was your path?
Welllll- as you see from my back ground travel and fashion are in my blood.
you’re going to think this is silly but I never thought you could put the 2 together.
One day i received a catalytical call in the name of MR P – So I thought now or never !
But to be fair from now on its not going to be always on the bike, as I try and sustain my life style through work some of the travel will required more immediate transport! One day though it will only be the open air and my motorbike… I feel it in my bones and I am broken in now to this new way.

Are you planning on creating anything yourself, or do you love researching and finding little nuggets of fashion gold?

I really don’t have that talent! In my head there is one thing ART FASHION DESIGN but I cant seem to create it as I see it, I can only find it and write about it .

What are your plans going forward, which countries are still on you destination map?
Germany – in particular Berlin, Moscow and Leningrad , Greece, Spain , Argentina , more California , more Mexico and Panama but I consider that one of my homes.

Who have you met, that you have been in awe of?
at the moment MY ex mother in law – she is beautiful, alone, independent but still has retained an amazing amount of kindness… then of course Mark Fast, Jerome C Rousseau … talent that i am blinded by at the moment.

What are your top fashion must haves for autumn/ winter?

short ankle boots from Zara in a black blue combo

jeans from Dona ida denim

Eudon choi for River island

or Alexis barrel bear coat…and of course nails to die for i have my own marinhoparis home gel kit just in case!!


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