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Ever thought you could write a book? Ever wanted to write a book? Now you can. The World of Self Publishing is the way forward in this self empowering world. So how do you begin? and how can we help you? In 2014 we guided and helped artist Gillian Lee Smith with her first book ‘We all Cast Shadows’ This book showcases Gillian’s art and sketchbook work coinciding for her first exhibition at Heart Gallery in Hebden Bridge. Gillian embraced this challenged and is about to do a re-print.

Artist Gillian Lee Smith at Heart Gallery book cover mock up Gillian going over the proofs… Gillian Le Smith Gilllian Lee Smith Creating your own book can help to build your own empire and put a stamp on what you do and who you are in the world. If you want to create your own art/story/fanzine please get in touch Fiona@happy4pr.com

To Purchase Gillian Lee Smith book go to her website http://gillianleesmith.bigcartel.com/


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