Gillian Lee Smith’s first book with Happy 4 pr

Artist Gillian Lee Smith at Heart Gallery

‘One book and one chapter first read many years ago and many since, captured my imagination. Telling the tale of the faraway island of Nantucket. In ‘The Heart of the Sea’ by Nathaniel Philbrick is the true story that inspired Moby Dick by Herman Melville ‘

book cover mock up

Gillian Lee Smith – Mixed media artist ‘We all Cast Shadows’ book and body of work is all about ‘the times we stand alone and all the times we stand together. It is all about loneliness, isolation and community.’ This is Gillian’s first book showcasing her collection of work around the subject and will continue to grow throughout the two years, exhibiting around the UK. If you are passionate about the sea or war time ‘We all Cast Shadows’ will captivate you as much as it has me.

Coming Home - Gillian Lee Smith
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