GIG 50/50 Campaign – An interview with Founder, Toan Lam from Go Inspire Go

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I want to tell you about the wonderful Toan Lam from Go Inspire Go, I met  the lovely Toan at a friends wedding and we have been inseparable ever since. Toan lives in San Francisco and I am in the UK….but with Skype the magic is there at a touch of a button. It is so nice to know I can always talk to him, he knows how I feel and I know how he feels. We are both on life’s spiritual journey and are honouring our journey’s in different ways, towards helping ourselves, others and the planet, in what way we can through our businesses and each another….

Watch my interview with Toan Lam from Go Inspire Go here….. Its funny, inspiring and will make you feel good about the world and yourself. You have the POWER… make amazing changes in your life. Go and do something wonderful TODAY. Thank You

Toan told me about his project 50/50 campaign, were he wanted to uncover 50 inspiring stories in 50 states. His goal was to raise $50,000 through the help of Crowd Funding and You (the wonderful community at large) is helping to make this project possible.  The hope is to give these folks the support and recognition they need and deserve, while inspiring viewers to discover their power to help others. Go Inspire Go has made a huge impact in the last 4 years and this is just the beginning.

Since the Crowd Funding started they have raised, $14,260

They are 1/4 of the way their to their goal of $50,000 of their 50/50 campaign and they have some corporations who are going to chip in for sponsorships – including Coca-Cola and Wize Commerece (TBA) Plus lovely people like Kat Sloma from Kat Eye Studio and Kind Snacks have also been supporting the campaign with their giveaways and perks.

Information from GIG 

GIG Meet and Greet, bring friends:

1. Thanks to the kind folks at Tava — We are holding a 50/50 meet and greet causal event at Tava Indian Kitchen next Thurs. May 30th at 7:30pm in SF. You can buy food at a discount and come meet other GIGsters and special guest Ron Holt, one of our heroes who will talk about the impact GIG has had on him and his community.This is the last push to get us through to the finish line.

Please register, come, invite friends and share this link:

2. Please also share out lates blog about how GIG has impacted Michael Fullam one viewer who we met at the GIG Walk. It’s worth taking a few mins. to read as this is the fuel that keeps us going! He was so inspired he donated at total of $2,100

3. If you haven’t donated yet, please chip in — anything counts — and share!

Indiegogo Campaign link:  

Thanks so much :) We’re excited that we’re closer to our goal as each day passes — only 10 days left.

Can’t wait to see you all at the event!



GIG Useful Links, tips and information. 

1. Indiegogo Campaign link – including video:  

2. GIG Impact and story examples:

3. GIG Spark lesson on compassion:

Go Inspire Go (GIG), is a nonprofit that uses storytelling to inspire people to discover and use their power to help others. I met the founder Toan Lam and was blown away by his story – he had quit a successful broadcast journalism career to bring stories of everyday heroes to inspire the world. One of my favorite stories is of Nico Castro, a 6-year old with brain cancer who started a costume drive to get costumes for all his friends in the pediatric ward to celebrate his favorite holiday – Halloween :)

GIG just launched an exciting new initiative to take our stories to the next level: the 50/50 campaign is looking to uncover 50 inspiring stories of everyday heroes doing extraordinary good in all 50 states. Our hope is by spreading the word and telling more of these amazing stories, others will be inspired to dig deeper and think about how they can take action and make a difference.

The current goal is to raise $25,000 with a stretch goal of $50,000  for the first round of funding to get started on this journey. They have 10 days to reach this goal!  So I am reaching out to you to help me make their goal. Every single dollar counts.

Donate here!

If you’re inspired to help beyond donating, here are a few ways to do so:

Share the campaign with your friends, family, colleagues, or anyone you think wants to join our movement to inspire. Here’s a Social Media Toolkit to help.

Tell us about ordinary people doing extraordinary good in your community.

Toan shares his content with the Huffington Post and Deepak Chopra’s The Deepak Chopra community did a nice little write up about this inspiring project:

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