Happy 4 pr are proud to announce that we are now offering e-courses as a service. Our director, Fiona Pattison will be helping clients to develop ideas and formulate what they would like to do as an e-course, and  create the next stages till its ready to be given to a developer. Then the second half of the journey, will be with e-course developer, Brian Knapp from HumanITy, who will put the e-course together, and make it live to your customers.

Brian Knapp tells us about his company ethos and how he came to be qualified in this area, by having over 15 years in the business and helping his artist wife, Juliette Crane who runs successful e-courses every year.

“I started HumanITy after having worked in the IT industry for over 15
years. I wanted to use my IT skills to find and provide the best
technology and services, at an appropriate cost.

When my wife, artist Juliette Crane, wanted an ecourse platform that
had a single login and was easy for both her and her students to use,
we worked together to design and develop a custom online course
platform and website.

I’ve received such positive feedback that I knew I needed to offer my
services to other artists looking to share their gifts.

I’m passionate about making it easier for others to share what they
love and build their business. If you’re interested in working
together to design and develop your website, blog or online course
website.” Brain Knapp

“I am very excited at working with Brian, his passion for creativity and helping people to express what is important for creative business in this technological and visual age is exciting to share. I enjoy working with like minded people, who understand the Happy 4 pr vision, his company HumanITy is an exciting concept and I look forward to us all working together to produce some wonderful creative E-courses.” Fiona Pattison

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    It is in reality a great and helpful piece of information. I am glad that you just shared this useful information with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

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