Dare to….

Sometimes its important to go underground and allow yourself the time and grace to become who you know you are. 2014 held many obstacles for me and highlighted many ‘sunshine moments’ too. It isn’t until you look back, that you are able to see the good in the bad and bad in the good. Grounding and being Grounded  - I have often found difficult to do,  last year I understood the value of practising this on a daily basis  - and the ‘start as you mean to go on’ motto.  Clarity, Connection, Clear Thought and Movement are the key words that I am taking into 2015. I want to be in the NOW of time. In the Moment and help other individuals and companies do the same. Finding new ways of working that are are aligned with goals and dreams for myself and others. I have witnessed, first hand, amazing transformations in people’s lives. Clients who have said, ‘this can’t be possible’ and it was!

Dare to.... Dare to Dream, Dare to Believe, Dare to Jump, Dare to Be. In your own pool of life, you own your right to be Who you are. Claim this right and make it more than you ever thought it could be. Allow room for growth and space to breath. I believe in YOU ALL…. You can do it! Best Wishes for 2015

Fiona Pattison

Creative Director



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