Creative Business Mentoring

Creative Business Mentoring

Happy 4 pr is proud to offer Business Mentoring as a service and we find it is one that is very effective in helping you improve the way you structure, and manage your business. Every time I start on a journey with a new client, the first thing I hear is what they don’t want! And then its on too, what they do want! It is, with this initial realisation in the first session, the acknowledgment that you are in control and you can change your business direction, that I find for clients is the most powerful.

Structure, routine, focused goals, and a plan of action, does wonders for your business and your mind. You will feel re-knewed and re-vitalised, as you clear and edit out what you don’t need, and start to work on what you know is important to you and your business. Is it time to make a change? To bring new energy and eyes into your business to help you move forward?

Creative Business Mentoring is affordable and you are able to work and grow at your own pace, in your own time. The only person who will but pressure on you, is you, as you will want to see the rewards and you will want to improve, once you know how…

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option 1, First timers Book in for a 2 hour slot to begin. We will look at what you need to help develop in your business.

option 2, Gives you 3 hours just incase you need more time on a particular area for your business.

option 3, Buy in bulk and receive a discount of 10 % off for 4 two hour sessions.

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DesignerRachael Taylor

Fiona Pattison of Happy4Pr is like a great of fresh air, she listened to what I wanted and took time to get to know me and my brand. What’s so lovely to see is that she gets just as excited and enthused about about it all (as you do) and she really does care. It’s so refreshing to work with someone one who is positive, upbeat, passionate and most all professional. Fiona really helped me to grow my brand and reach my potential. I highly recommend investing in PR and the services that Happy4pr provides. It will get you results!

Artist  -   Helen Hallows

“I decided that I needed some business mentoring as I had fulfilled all my original plans for my business and had been floundering for a while without direction. I had Fiona recommended to me. I felt that her experience of working with creatives would mean that she would understand my holistic side. I didn’t just want to be looking at spreadsheets and writing business plans. Nothing prepared me for the insight that Fiona would bring to my business. With her help and guidance, I am in the process of getting to know myself better, renew my creative purpose and hope to go on to fulfil my potential. Fiona is warm, friendly and nurturing. She is able to understand me and guide me. She has experience and connections to help ideas become reality and dreams come into being.”

Designer/Maker – Hannah Nunn

I love having Happy 4 PR represent my business. Fiona has been an inspiration to me and injects my whole business practice with energy, passion and clarity all along the way. As well as getting me lots of press in some great national magazines and newspapers, she is always searching out new and exciting marketing ideas to show the world what I do! I know there is always a Happy face out there pushing my business forward!

Director Hannah Nunn (for Businesses Hannah Nunn and Radiance)

Fashion Jewllery Designer – Anna Calvert

I really feel you have helped me to move my business up a notch, you have help me to brand my business and all your useful insights into things I would never of thought of. Thank You Happy 4 pr I look forward to growing with your help!

Painter – Kate Lycett

The project that I have been wanting to begin for 3 years suddenly has a plan, a structure, a timetable. And I’m not daunted. I’m very, very excited!  (

Award Winning Designer –  Kate Smith 

As I’m a one man band at the moment, Fiona provides an invaluable service for me,
she’s a pleasure to talk to and always there for advice and guidance and is always full of
enthusiasm and has an abundance of ideas to drive my business forward.
She is extremely talented in creative writing, singing and proof reading.
In the time I have worked with Fiona she has given me more confidence and helped me develop an online Children’s creative Club
Fiona is well on the way to help me fullfill my goals and dreams, I can’t thank her enough! :)

 Artist  - Lucy Anne Harding

A part of my prize from winning Outstanding Artist, at The Art Market was business mentoring with Happy 4 PR. I was so excited to have won this, as I think sometimes you can get too involved with your work and its a really good to have someone else opinion. I only started up my business just under a year ago, so I have very fresh and really open to ideas that me and Fiona throw around. I see me and Happy 4 PR as a team and we are a really good team, she understands my strengths and weaknesses. In only a few meetings we have come up with new products, new concepts and also redesigned my website. Together me and Happy 4 PR are making my business in to a brand and enjoying doing so!

Designer/Maker – Helen Russell Creations 

Dazed and confused probably sums up how I was feeling when I first saw Fiona from Happy4PR! With her help I am embracing elements of my work and character that I have been hiding from the world. As a result I feel more in control of the exciting direction my business (and me) is going in. Fiona has a wonderful ability to see into the heart of a person and their business and provide sensible, structured but exciting suggestions for change and development. My time spent with Fiona has been worth every penny, and I know I will get the investment back tenfold when she has finished with me!!

Mixed media Artist – Gillian Lee Smith

Fiona at Happy 4 PR has an extra-ordinary ability to instill you with the confidence to tackle those projects that as a creative person I previously avoided at all costs. Fiona not only helps you focus on each goal head-on but takes you through every step of the way towards planning your work-load and achieving the dreams that have been on the to-do list forever and a day. As an artist, avoidance and distraction have always been my way of not getting to where I know I want to be, and I thought it was ok to be on a one step forward, two steps back pathway – after all I am an artist! However since putting in place schedule and routine (my new mantra) Fiona has helped me to see that within that structure I have now have much more freedom to be creative and bring passion to my work with much less stress and anxiety.

Photography mixed media artist – Nicola Taylor

Fine Art Photographer, producing creative, emotive and narrative imagery inspired by the North Yorkshire Moors
Fiona delivers her business genius with plenty of tea and cake and lots of love. Her approach is refreshingly holistic and intensely creative.

For those of us who struggle to bring the creativity into business activities she is a godsend, bringing the joy and fun back into an area of work that can seem less inspiring than our creative work.

I come away from our sessions energised and focused and armed with a list of fun to-do’s that always leave my business stronger and healthier.

Kimberli Werner ‘The Red Corvid’

I didn’t know what to expect when I first met with Fiona for Business Mentoring, as the phrase carries with it a sense of stoicism and business suits. I had visions of our meeting being a bit dry, but very professional, with a step by step solution process to achieve my business goals. (You can see I didn’t know her at all!)

What I got when I arrived, though, was lots of coloured pens, large pieces of paper to draw out the deep corners of my chaotic mind, and the undivided attention of a natural intuitive to lead the way.

From our sessions, I have learned techniques to quiet my mind, trust my own intuition, grow my confidence as an artist and person, and clear focus of where my business should go next.

If you are looking for a lively, holistic, fun, and refreshing approach to your creative business, I highly recommend Fiona and Happy 4 PR

Liesel Beukes – Director of the Bhoomies

“Fiona got straight into the spirit of my Bhoomies. It is wonderful to work with someone that is as into what you do as you are. She helped me create structure in my campaigns, to set-up a plan and to connect with others. She is a lovely person and filled to the brim with positive energy. I’m happy we met.”

Happy 4 pr Creative Community – Buttercup Home
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