An interview with the leading Photographic gallery in London – Director Gabrielle du Plooy


What is your background story?

I am the product or two extraordinary parents if I am may say so in a modest way. My fathers family have been in Africa for over 400 years, they have carved the land and has creativity etched  into them….essentially seeing beauty in everything, he both a writer, a healer and a painter. My mother left home at fifteen to persue a career at the Royal ballet  and found herself chosen to dance in front  of Kings and Queens. I therefore believe that  as a product of those two combined genesI have inherited the can do spirit of creativity.

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Have you always had a interest in art and photography?

How can one not have an interest in photography and art….imagine he world without it.

Name some of the photographers you work with?

Photographers I work with include  Gered Mankowitz, Bob Carlos Clarke , Norman Parkinson and Helmut Newton are just a few of the greats that are in my Portfolio inspiring photographers Man Ray, sebastiao salgado and the  wonderful Maplethorpe.

What special sevices do you provide?

I never sleep with a man who has ugly feet,  and never on the first date…but framing is our speciality, you may consider this trivial but having an eye for framing and hanging photographs takes years of skill.

Who is your main inspiration?

I would say my grandmother  , who single handedly  made and lost several fortunes by accepting all options and being open to challenges……her motto was fear defeats reason… don’t do it.

Kate Moss - Kate Garner

Photo Credit  - Kate Garner 

What is your last exhibition on and how long is it on for?

The legend that is Kate Garner!! wonderful photographer ‘Warrior Woman’

Beautiful, fierce and powerful, the Woman Warrior is a timeless archetype spanning world cultures, but she is by no means a mere urban myth. The modern warrior woman occupies an important place in today’s culture and is inherent within every woman. Something Kate Garner demonstrates in her latest photographic exhibition, ‘Warrior Women’. Celebrating the modern day warrior woman in her diverse forms, the collection chronicles the last three decades of Garner’s photographic crop, featuring captivating portraits of female icons of our time, including Bjork, Sinead O’Connor, Kate Moss, Angelina Jolie and Gwen Stefani. -

What is your latest exhibition on?

What is your future plans for Zebra gallery?

Is to feed the animal and grow

Zebra One Gallery

On Hoof  - 

1 Perrin’s Court,

Tel: 020 7794 1281




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